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Celebrating Milestones – We're Celebrating 10 Years in Business – Help us Celebrate


August 14, 2020 / fbcadmin

Kerrie Sheaves
Foundational Business Pty Ltd
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Celebrating Milestones

We’re Celebrating 10 Years in Business – Help us Celebrate by sharing your milestones with us

We’ve reached a milestone that’s worth celebrating – It’s the Foundational Business Centre’s 3rd Birthday and Foundational Business is celebrating 10 years in business this month.
This year we couldn’t have our fun face to face Annual Birthday Bash networking event, so instead we gave away 10 great prize packs worth $495 each to celebrate with our network.

Why Celebrating milestones in your business is important – really important.

Business moves very fast, one day you’ve got a great idea and the next it’s 10 years later and you’re wondering where did the time go, and how did we get here?
If you don’t mark, measure and celebrate milestones and the win’s achieved in your business (even the little ones) along the way, your business journey can feel like a never ending To Do List.

What types of milestones should you celebrate?

There’s lots of micro milestones that you achieve and goals you smash every day. How are you recognizing these in your business?
Every new thing you learn how to do, or understand, that you didn’t know about last week is a win. You can review your week each Friday afternoon, and just ask yourself; What were my Big Wins this week? What new thing did I learn or develop as a skill? You can also encourage your team members to start celebrating their milestones too.
Every new Customer you win is a reason to celebrate. In the sales world it’s called “Ringing The Bell”, whereby when someone in the team achieves a win in their work they go to a bell that’s in the middle of the work space, they ring the bell loud and clear, and everyone stops to listen to their win and congratulates them genuinely.
Every mistake that you’ve learnt from (even those expensive ones) are milestones worth celebrating. There’s no straight path to success, so recognizing that failure is not the opposite of success it’s part of the process means turning these mistakes into wins.
When you or your team kick a goal developing a new program or initiative that will improve the way the business runs, saves it money, or creates new product, that deserves to be celebrated.
One of the key things that employees say is important to them is being recognised and rewarded for their contribution to your business embedding these processes in your business not just for your employees but for you too as the business owner, giving yourself a well deserved (and overdue) pat on the back somethings will keep you inspired to keep growing and investing in your business.
There’s always a pandemic. If it’s not a Pandemic, it’s a GFC, or a family crisis, or a major customer goes under and owes you thousands. We began our business in the last GFC, because there’s no good or bad time to be in business.
Business is not a blissful journey that has no barriers thrown up before you to over come. Although,  I personally think we should all get an “I survive COVID-19 as a Small Business Owner” T-Shirt to wear around for 2021.
If you’ve navigated disaster in your business, and managed to come through it stable and still still fighting, you should be celebrating it. It may have been soul destroying, challenging in ways you’ve may have never been challenged before. But everyday your business keeps it’s doors open and pivots, and works harder and smarter to grow and survive through hard times, is a day to celebrate.

A team that celebrates milestones together, soars together.

Tell your customers and networks about your Wins – Everyone loves good news and your networks and community want to encourage and celebrate with you. In 2019 we won the WSABE Award for Excellence In Customer Service, winning the award was something to proud of, but want was truly special was the way hundreds of fellow business owners showed genuine happiness for me over our win. Let them enjoy your victorious and be inspired to reach for their own.

Gratitude comes from reflecting on what we have, what we can be thankful for, and it is a key to positive mental health and motivation.

Count Your Blessings

When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

Johnson Oatman,

We want to help you acknowledge and celebrate the things you’re proud of having accomplished this year in your business – No milestone or win is too small.

Share them with us as you enter our Birthday giveaway competition.


Congratulations to Our Prize Pack Winners.

Each Prize Package included:

$120 gift voucher to use on room hire or workspace bookings at the Foundational Business Centre,

1 hour virtual coffee meeting with our Founder and Managing Director to help you connect to referral partners for your business,

A Free ticket to the upcoming Managing Millennials ½ Day Conference on 16th September (valued $125pp) for you or to share with one of your clients.

Total Prize value: $495 each

(Competition closed 31st August 2020)

Photo by Luís Perdigão on Unsplash
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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3 responses to “Celebrating Milestones – We're Celebrating 10 Years in Business – Help us Celebrate”

  1. A huge congratulations to Kerrie and the team at Foundational Business and Foundational Business Centre – thank you for being a pivotal place of support, information and encouragement to our business community.
    And what a wonderful and generous way to celebrate your milestone!
    Best wishes

  2. A huge congratulations to Kerrie and the team at Foundational Business and Foundational Business Centre – thank you for being a pivotal place of support, information and encouragement to our business community.
    And what a wonderful and generous way to celebrate your milestone!
    Best wishes

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