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Foundational Sales and Marketing Program

It’s our mission to help small businesses and small business owners grow.

Our Foundational Sales and Marketing Program helps achieve that goal through our connection, education and strategic consulting services and programs. If you’re a small business owner this program is for you.

Program Elements

The Foundational Businesses Sales and Marketing Program currently includes the following elements. We’re continuously developing new ideas to help Small Businesses so stay connected with us to hear about new releases.

The core focus of these elements are:

The Program Goals are to:

Connect you to service providers, resources and tools that can assist small business owners achieve success in their sales and marketing.

Educate, Empower and Equip you as business owners through our program activities and alliance partner services, as well as help you to work effectively as business owners and teams.

Promote a Proactive and Strategic approach to sales and marketing in your business aligned with robust business plans.

Reduce the failure rate of micro and small businesses, and reduce wasted time, and effort in the sales and marketing of your business.

Sales and Marketing Events & Seminars

Foundational Business Sales and Marketing Program’ events and seminars are one off and recurring seminars, workshops, and introduction sessions delivered either online virtually (Eg Zoom) or face to face at Foundational Business Centre and other locations.

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Sales and Marketing Strategic Planning Sessions

Foundational Sales and Marketing Program 1-2-1 Planning Sessions are delivered by sales and marketing professionals, including a mix of content and techniques supplied to suit each businesses needs and stage of development.

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Sales and Marketing - How It Works Series

The Foundational Business How It Works Small Business Education Series covers Marketing and Sales terms, concepts and tools and explains in simple lay man’s terms: what they are, how they work, what it does, and what it connects to (eg other concepts/tools), and who uses it (service providers or businesses directly).

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Become A Program Sponsor

Our Program Sponsors are promoted across all the elements and activities of the program they sponsor. Our Sponsors also have the option of being part of the delivery of the program elements.

Sponsorship of a program is limited to one business type per program (i.e. if you sponsor a program as an X business category, then no other X business can be a Sponsor of that program for the duration of your sponsorship period). Contact us to enquire about becoming a sponsor.

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