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Foundational Retail Consulting

Negotiation with Distributors, Retailers and Suppliers

Struggling to understand the playing field? Worried you will give too much away? Negotiation can be a daunting and frustrating process, especially if you feel out of your depth. If done right, good negotiations will lead to long term profitable growth relationships. It’s what we love to help our clients gain confidence in.

With over 25 years of retail and wholesale experience, we can offer assistance, both strategically and practically, to give you confidence and the best fighting chance to land that deal!

  • Got a product, solution or innovation and not sure of the next steps?
  • Feel like potential distributors and retailers are speaking a different language?
  • Have an opportunity to pitch your product but need help with preparing for that big buyer presentation?
  • We can help you decipher what your client is really asking for, and help you develop a plan that will meet their needs and requirements, without hurting your business.
  • Reviewing and creating Trading Terms, Promotional Programs, Co-op or New line rebates?  We can help.
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