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Foundational Business Program

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It’s our mission to help small businesses grow and the Growing Companies Program does that through our connection, education and consulting services if you’re a growing company this program is for you.

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Growing Companies

As a growing company it’s a real challenge to find and access the tools and talent you need to help your growing business and connect with other growing companies.

If you are a growing company then when you network, you want to make sure that it’s with other growing companies who you can leverage and learn from. And when you seek service providers who can help you grow; you want work with businesses that understand and have the skills to support you in your stage of the business journey.

Foundational Businesses Growing Companies Program includes a range of different activities and events designed for leaders of Growing Companies, and SME’s.

Growing Companies Connect

It’s our mission to help small businesses grow and one of the common challenges that small businesses face is connecting to referral partner businesses who work with Growing Companies or are Growing Companies themselves.

If you’re a micro-small business and your customers are Growing Companies and larger Small Businesses, you need to develop relationships with other services who also work with these bigger businesses, as they have relationships with your target clients that you want to leverage, and vice versa.

Foundational Businesses Growing Company Connect Program includes a range of different activities and events designed for Micro-Small Businesses who work specifically with Growing Companies and SME’s.

The Program Goals are to:

Connect service providers and growing companies together who could create mutually beneficial referral relationships.

Educate, Empower and Equip you as business owners through our program activities and alliance partner services, as well as help you to work effectively with larger businesses and win those opportunities.

Share success stories of working relationships between small services providers and bigger businesses, and growing companies who’ve succeeded in reaching their goals and how they did it.

Connect growing companies with each other, and with relevant high quality small and niche service providers, resources and products from a spectrum of industries.

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Our Program Sponsors are promoted across all the elements and activities of the program they sponsor. Our Sponsors also have the option of being part of the delivery of the program elements.

Sponsorship of a program is limited to one business type per program (i.e. if you sponsor a program as an X business category, then no other X business can be a Sponsor of that program for the duration of your sponsorship period). Contact us to enquire about becoming a sponsor.

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