Managing Millennials Event

Millennials & Gen Z employees: Find out why they could be your biggest asset, and how they can give your business a competitive edge.

How do you effectively Manage Millennials and Gen Z workers in your business?

Adapting your business and people leadership style to get the best from your younger employees is critical to the growth of your business. Throughout this ½ day conference our diverse expert speakers are going to share how you can create an effective approach to harnessing young talented teams members.

Based on a 2019 Deloitte Report Millennials and Gen Z are no longer the ‘future’ workforce, they are the present, making up more than 40 percent of Australia’s working population.

The Topics

Welcome by MC

Session 1

Why would a Millennial want to work for you?

Robert Briffa (Synergy People)

Session 2

Leading Millennials, what you need to know

David Leahy (Great People Inside Australia)

Session 3

How to Manage and Grow Millennials info being great assets to your business

Dominic Nair (CEO of Talent Multipliers)


Panel Session

Session 4

How do I retain Millennial employees, what makes them stay?

Rebecca Doherty (Phocas Software)

Session 5

Graduates and upcoming generations of workers – what to expect?

Ashley Fell (McCrindle)

Q & A Session

Using innovation, data and information as powerful tools to influence your people and culture strategies

Karen Lawson (Former MD of Spotify & CEO of CareerOne)

MC Closing Remarks

Event wrap up.

Kerrie Sheaves (Foundational Business)

Our Speakers

David Leahy

Great People Inside (Australia)

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Robert Briffa

Synergy People

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Rebecca Doherty

Phocas Software

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Kerrie Sheaves

Foundational Business

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Ashley Fell


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Dominic Nair

Talent Multipliers

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Karen Lawson

Former MD of Spotify & CEO of CareerOne

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The Details

How do you effectively Manage Millennials and Gen Z workers in your business?

The days of Command and Control leadership are over, Younger Generations of employees do not respect titles, you have to earn their respect, and they expect collaboration and involvement in decision making as a day to day practice.

How do you maintain control and give direction, and gain respect for your authority as a business owner or manager and tick these boxes as well?

Whilst our Gen Z and Millennials are often well-educated people, there’s a lot of negative press about them as difficult employees. However, there is very little practical information available to business owners and managers of growing companies that can assist them in getting the best out of their Millennial and younger workforces.

Some companies are even avoiding hiring Millennials because it is “too hard”.

Younger generations of workers value different things. Work differently and expect different outcomes from their careers and work environments. Different isn’t bad or better – different can be a huge advantage to your businesses growth strategy if you learn how to harness its power.

A Special Bonus

All event participants will also receive a post event personalized report comparing your business’s current approach to working with Millennials to best practice and feedback we’ve gained from our pre-event Millennial Priorities survey.

This event is designed to give business owners and managers insight and practical help in getting the best from Gen Z and Millennials in your business. Whether you’re a trade business, retailer or white-collar professional service, this seminar is for you.

Join Us for the Managing Millennials ½ day Conference Online and learn from our expert speakers.

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