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Foundational Strategic Planning Services

As your organisation, club or charity grows it needs to develop strategic business plans, policies, procedures and tactics to mange that growth and seize new opportunities.

We help your committee to create strategic business models, plans and strategies that support your vision and mission.

Our goal is to increase the capabilities of your board to help you build and grow sustainable projects, programs and services that allow your teams to service your communities and clients effectively and efficiently.

Without robust strategic plans, you can’t build a successful charity or service club. You need to be able to define how you will fund it? What will it cost to run? What services will you provide? Who will be your target users and who will benefit from your services? Who will do the work? What roles will your committee play and other staff and volunteers? What risks are involved in your activities?

Our Service Offerings

½ Day Basic Business Planning Session

½ day Basic Business Planning session to identify all the key components of your existing organisations business model, the organisations various projects and programs, and future proposed business model.

This session will include a SWOT analysis and planning processes to help us gather information on key areas of your organisation that require detailed work in the strategic planning sessions that follow, and those that you already have a good handle on and don’t need to waste time going over again.

Our fee includes – Pre-session work preparation, facilitation of the 4 hour strategy session via Zoom and the creation of a set of notes and actions from the strategy session which will be added into a strategic planning document which you can then use to direct the detailed planning activities of you teams.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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Who is this for:

Small clubs and associations
Non-profit and charity organisation founders and boards

What you’ll learn:

The aim of the session is to define your key organisational goals for the next 6-12 months, and a next steps road map that your teams can work on to add “flesh to the bones” through that strategic planning framework to achieve those goals.

After the initial Basic Business Planning Session, we can conduct 1 or all of the following 5 Strategic Planning Sessions. These sessions can be conducted via either Zoom or in person. If you prefer in person we would discuss and agree the best location and add any travel expenses (at cost) to the session fees.

1. Overall Organisational Purpose and Aims

Board level strategy, mission purpose and governance of and high-level goal setting.

Outcomes: Clarity on your Vision, Mission, & Values, and the role of the board in your organisation. Direction for your management teams to conduct their planning and work.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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2. Business Operational Strategic Plans

Covers the business of your mission, and includes general budgeting process and setting, goal setting, diversified funding plans, risk management, operational effectiveness and KPI’s, people and resource planning to support the overall activities of the organisation.

Outcomes: Specific Goals, and outcomes are defined for the organisation to achieve in each of its programs/project areas. Clarity over the budget, and support resources and people needed to enable project teams to achieve their targets/outcomes.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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3. Operational Programs and Projects

Define what your various activities will be, how they will be managed, their goals and structures, processes, and outcomes.

Outcomes: A defined structure of programs, and projects that will be created/delivered to enable the organisation to achieve its aims (mission) and how they will work, what they’ll each need to succeed, and who will benefit, participate and deliver each program.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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4. Marketing and Brand Awareness

Sharing the message of your organisation is critical to growth. Our strategic Marketing & Brand Awareness planning includes strategic marketing planning sessions to help support your funding goals, help you to understand your “buyer/donor/supporter behaviour, and increase your supporter engagement.

Outcomes: A detailed strategic marketing and brand awareness plan, that your fundraising, marketing, and communications front line staff & management can execute on.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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5. People Leadership, Culture and Teams

People are your biggest asset, and managing and leading them well can increase to potential outcomes you organisation can achieve. We can assist you in creating a People and Culture plan and help you use profiling tools to better understand your current teams characteristics and capabilities to ensure they can work cohesively at all levels.

Outcomes: Better understanding of your teams, their leadership and working styles, learning styles, and how they can work together more cohesively. Identifies areas of teamwork improvement.

Price: $2,500.00 +GST
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