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Message from our CEO

People start businesses for lots of great reasons – and it’s always good to ask yourself why you do what you do – So why did we start Foundational Business?

Well, we began our business, keep exploring new ideas, growing and doing what we do for 3 key reasons:

    1. We’re passionate about helping people realise their dreams. Seeing business owners come alive because the obstacles that they thought were
      insurmountable have now become achievable, is personally and professionally satisfying. SME’s need practical, realistic support to achieve their goals.
    2. We love to learn new things about new products and services every day. Therefore working with multitudes of tools, systems and businesses and their owners in lots of different industries, allows us to satisfy our voracious curiosity.
    3. We like solving problems. I’ve come to realise that what I find naturally easy to do (seeing the micro and the macro at the same time and being able to think outside of the box to solve business problems) isn’t easy for many people, and doing this for others is meaningful and enjoyable.

      Sounds like fun, right? Then maybe you should be working with us, if this is what drives you too. Get in touch and tell us about yourself and your business today.

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