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Foundational Business​

Foundational Business provides a range of different services under our umbrella, including Business Centre, Business Consulting and Consulting for Not for Profit. Visit our different business websites below to see how we can help you.

Discover a space to grow.

A place where micro and small business owners can grow and find the right tools and services for each stage of their lifecycle as a business owner.

Consulting for small business.

Whether you’re a services or product based business, we can help you create and grow a thriving and successful small business.

Consulting for your Not for Profit.

Consulting for micro and small to medium sized Not for Profit Organisations, to assist them in their strategic development and growth.

Foundational Business works with you to help your business grow.

Whether you’re selling products or services as a start-up idea, micro entrepreneur, or more established small business, Foundational Business and our speciality service teams work with you to help you grow. Explore our services to find out how we can provide you with strategic help, and access to the right people, resources, tools and opportunities to build a thriving enterprise.

What we do

Foundational Business is an innovative small business solutions company, helping micro and small business owners to become focused and strategic; assisting them to navigate the maze of information, advice and providers, to build successful businesses.


We create and deliver helpful, practical, timely and relevant services and products that support our clients as they explore new business ideas, craft and grow their business.


We work with businesses in every industry and field of expertise through virtual teams, collaborative solutions and alliances, to help grow the small business sector and bring relevant services to small business owners


We will promote effective business planning as a key to business success in your market place and encourage SME businesses to do the right amount and type of planning and seek the best help & tools available for their budget.


We match clients with our network of qualified service providers, so they can get the right tools to build their business. We will help our clients solve short term & immediate problems in a way that also compliments and supports their longer-term business goals.

How we do business

As an organisation, we operate on, and uphold the following values in all our work and relationships:

Nothing is impossible

we think outside of the square and pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Integrity is not negotiable

we do what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do, and we have the courage to face the truth and to say no, when necessary.

Service & Excellence

we strive to understand, determine, and deliver what our customers want and need, with a high standard of workmanship and professionalism. If we don’t know something, we make it our business to learn.

We build relationships

we believe in developing great relationships with our clients, their staff and our business partners, and act fairly and ethically in all our dealings.

Why we do it

People start businesses for lots of great reasons – and it’s always good to ask yourself why you do what you do – So why did we start Foundational Business?
Well, we began our business, keep exploring new ideas, growing and doing what we do for 3 key reasons:


We’re passionate about helping people realise their dreams. Seeing business owners come alive because the obstacles that they thought were insurmountable have now become achievable, is personally and professionally satisfying. SME’s need practical, realistic support to achieve their goals.


We love to learn new things about new products and services every day. Therefore working with multitudes of tools, systems and businesses and their owners in lots of different industries, allows us to satisfy our voracious curiosity.


We like solving problems. We’ve come to realise that what we find naturally easy to do (seeing the micro and the macro at the same time and being able to think outside of the box to solve business problems) isn’t easy for many people, and doing this for others is meaningful and enjoyable.
Take your business to the next level.
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